Central Region (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Louisiana)

Here are a few of our representatives located in your region. To contact your nearest representative, click here. If you live outside one of the cities listed in this region, click here.

Mark Heide - Pomeroy, IA
Ray Reasland - Solon, IA (Please Visit Our Web Site!)
Mark Stern - North Liberty, IA (Please Visit Our Web Site!)
Barry Knutson - Sioux City, IA
Chris Meija - Mason City, IA
Phil Snyder - Carroll, IA
Martin Millard - Sioux City, IA 
Darren Gray - Council Bluffs, IA
Tony Sunga - Des Moines, IA
Chad Brown - Forest City, IA
Tony Udean - Blaine, MN (Please Visit Our Web Site!)
Dan Starling -
Minneapolis, MN
(Please Visit Our Web Site!)
Dave Nickles -
Braham, MN
(Please Visit Our Web Site!)
Travis Walby -
Andover, MN
(Please Visit Our Web Site!)
Larry Hackett -
Bloomington, MN
Mark McLaughlin - Theodosia, MO (Please Visit Our Web Site!)
Ron E. Snyder - Tulsa, OK

Orbrey Burk -
Okay, OK (Please Visit Our Web Site!)
Adrian Asleson - League City, TX
Lewis (Deanie) Little - Houston, TX
Matt Oswalt - Big Sandy, TX (Please Visit Our Web Site!)
Carlton Anderson
- Denton, TX



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